A thousand years ago, a rag-tag group of adventures, hoping to end the depredations of the evil Shadow Dragon, sought to use ancient rites of power against their for. Fortunately, the Shadow Dragon was slain. Unfortunately, so were our hapless adventurers, the city they sought to protect, and most of the population of greater Mochat. For years, the lands of men lay devastated and in ruins. The spawn of the Shadow Dragon multiplied and ruled the surface world. A few outposts of the once civilized world remain hidden in the dark caverns and ancient dungeons too narrow for the great dragons to enter. Yet even these must be defended from the dragons’ minions.

The greatest of these outposts is Devibuhr. Built in an ancient volcano by the dwarves during their 100 years of servitude. Ruled by the mysterious Five Immortals who are worshipped as gods in the city, and yet walk the halls of the metropolis. Home to many races, though not all are welcome. A place of many secrets and adventures.

Mochat 3 - Age of Dragons